What is Nordic Animation?

Nordic Animation is a network consisting of the leading animation studios and producers in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Norway. The goal of Nordic Animation is both to strengthen the ties between animation professionals in the Nordic countries and to promote Nordic Animation as a quality brand to the rest of the world. Our visual profile signals five different countries coming together as a whole, and is based on the principles of Nordic simplicity, playfulness and the concept of movement.

Who are we?

Nordic Animation has one representative in each country. The representative will change, but for the period 2023-24, the board consists of: APFI (Audiovisual Producers Finland), Gutsy Animation (Finland), Finnanimation, Apparat Film (Sweden), Snowcloud (Sweden), Copenhagen Bombay (Denmark), Sparre Production (Denmark), Compass Film (Iceland), Qvisten Animation (Norwary), Imaginær Film (Norway), and Mikrofilm (Norway). Norway is currently managing the network. Nordic Animation also co-operates with the organizations Animationscirklen (Denmark), Saava (Sweden) and Animation Norway.

The initiative is supported by the Danish Film Institute, The Swedish Film Institute, The Norwegian Film Institute, Icelandic Film Centre, Finnanimation, Audiovisual Producers Finland, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Nordic Culture Fund, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, and Ministry of Culture Denmark.

Get in touch

Project manager for Nordic Animation is Tonje Skar Reiersen from Mikrofilm. Please write to: tonje@mikrofilm.no. For questions regarding job openings, please contact the studios directly, as Nordic Animation is not a producer or production house.

For news about new and upcoming Nordic animated features, shorts, docs and series, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and we would love to hear from you if you have any #NordicAnimation news and trailers to share with us!

Get listed

Would you like your company to be included in our database? Please write to: tonje@mikrofilm.no.

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