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Angel Films A/S is a distributor and producer of independent films since 1988. Specializing in distributing animation films to the Danish market. Creator of price-winning children’s films label Rabalder Bio providing children the opportunity to watch quality films from all over the world. Angel Films was awarded “Distributor of the Year” at Cartoon Movie 2017.

Arthaus is one of Norway’s leading distributors of art house and independent films, established in 1992, with a main focus on the theatrical release. We’re the proud distributor of all Studio Ghibli films, as well as marvellous animated pearls like Song of the Sea, Gordon & Paddy, Your Name, Ernest & Celestine, Une Vie de Chat and more. We have a heart for the fabulous craftsmanship of animation, and for the wonderful universes they invite too. We take pride in working with Norwegian versioning, securing that the high-quality animation is reflected also in the dubbing process – as well as to a high extent also releasing the original version for the animation audiences. We are looking for feature length films that could fit our profile.

B-Plan Distribution is an independent import and distribution company based in Helsinki, Finland. The company was founded in the fall of 2013 for adapting with the ever-changing funding and distribution practises in the industry. B-Plan engineers a custom-made, unique distribution plan for each movie, utilizing its marketing resources and know-how in a targeted manner. In effect, B-Plan aims to further streamline the steps in between production, selling and distribution. B-Plan releases approximately five films in cinemas every year. The company’s line-up includes domestic art house and commercial films as well as highlights from the world cinema.

Camera Film purchases rights for between 15 and 20 films each year. As a general rule, all Camera titles appear in the Grand Theater, but they also appear in other cinemas. Camera Film has provided cinemas with the best of the best for more than five decades. It started with Bergman, Kurosawa, Truffaut and the French new wave. Later, everything from Krzysztof Kieslowski over Hayao Miyazaki to Michael Haneke is added.

Weathering With You (2019)

Mette Søgaard, Marketing og distribution

+45 33 15 16 11



Cinema Mondo is an independent film import and distribution company established in 1990. We release annually 15-20 titles in theatres and on DVD. We also sell tv rights and distribution rights to other Nordic countries. Our lineup represents the best of the best in world cinema. Recent highlights are, among others, March of The Penguins by Luc Jacquet, Pan’s Labyrinth by Guillermo del Toro, Moonlight by Barry Jenkins and all Hayao Miyazaki’s films. Besides distribution, we also operate an arthouse cinema Kino Engel in the heart of Helsinki. On DVD Cinema Mondo titles are released thru Booky.fi Oy.

Mika Siltala, CEO



Euforia Film distributes films in cinema, DVD and VOD. We have an open mind, open house and open arms, and welcome you if you have something interesting to share with us. We mainly work with Norwegian films, but also preferably Scandinavian co-productions. Euphoria means wellness caused by stimuli. Our hope is that the films we distribute are precisely this stimulus, which can awaken some form of audience well-being.

Vibeke Skistad, CEO

+47 94 34 16 15



Europafilm is Norway’s oldest film distribution company, established in 1933. We supply quality films from all over the world – for anyone and everyone.

Filmkompaniet is a production company (animation), but we also release 2-3 animated feature films/year in Finland, in all formats. We are interested in co-productions, and films for distribution in Finland. We prioritize Scandinavian movies and prefer films with a strong story and a clear edge distinguishing the movie from other movies. In our distribution we try to utilize the strongpoints of the film and use all possible ways of marketing; this makes our marketing customized and particular.

In the forefront of independent and art house distribution in Sweden since 1973, Folkets Bio acquires, distributes and exhibits national and international films in Sweden. It has its own theatres with 30 screens in 20 locations, as well as distributing through other cinema chains and in other windows (TV, VOD). Folkets Bio’s cinemas host festivals, meetings with filmmakers, thematic weeks and debates and are actively engaged in introducing new audiences. School screenings and a wide repertoire of children’s’ films let young people – from toddlers to teenagers – orient themselves in the world and in life, through the magic of film.

Myndform was founded in 1984 and was then a small production company with only 4 employees. 30 years later, the company has expanded enormously and has one of the most advanced image processing facilities in Iceland. Myndform has changed from merely replicating VHS tapes to being a comprehensive production company that handles graphics processing, advertising, Icelandic voice production, DVD / CD / Blu-Ray production, editing and audio processing for customers, and has also established itself in the market as one of the largest distributors of film and computer games in Iceland.

+354 534 0400



Njutafilms is a distributor of films on Bio, DVD, Blu-ray, and VoD for the Swedish market. We distribute films from all over the world; cult films, classics, children’s films, documentaries, quality eroticism, and artistic films. Njutafilms collaborates with Studio S Entertainment and Folkets Bio in distribution.

Checkered Ninja (2019)

Ploey – You Never Fly Alone (2018)

Mirai (2019)

Nicolas Debot, CEO

+46 08 21 08 04



Nordisk Film Distribution is one of the largest film and series marketeers in the Nordics. We have dedicated, experienced local teams, a unique consumer data setup providing insights into the behavior, attitudes and beliefs of the Nordic consumers, and we have unique digital marketing tools maximizing the effect of the marketing investments we make for our partners. Nordisk Film Distribution partners with several leading international companies, including Lionsgate, Participant, Amblin Partners and 20th Century Fox. We also partner with a long line of leading local production companies in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. We acquire Nordic book rights and enter creative alliances aimed at developing big, commercial film and series concepts to be produced by our production partners. Our film and series catalogue contain around 3,000 titles, making it the biggest in the Nordics. This makes us a natural partner to all leading broadcasters, TELCOs and digital platforms in the Nordics.

Checkered Ninja (2019)

Klaus T. Odegaard, VP Acquisition and Theatrical Distribution

+45 70 20 21 22



We distribute both international and Norwegian titles in cinema and video (Blu-ray / DVD / VOD) in Norway.

+47 23 35 82 00



Øst for Paradis visits several international film festivals each year. Partly to see the films that are taken over by Danish distribution by others, primarily major movie rental companies. And partly to find and select the approx. 10 titles that the cinema itself imports each year and offers in rental to other cinemas. These titles are often uncompromising, artistic films that would not otherwise come to the country. Often there are also little gems, warm stories, with a story to tell which calls for both laughter and tears.

SAMfélagið is a leading provider of entertainment material for the Icelandic market. The company is divided into two departments, SAMbíóin, which runs five cinemas and SAMfilm, which covers the distribution of entertainment material. SAMfélagið is the oldest entertainment company in Iceland. SAMfilm is a leading company in the field of distribution of entertainment material for cinemas, DVD, computer games and TV shows, and it’s marketing share for cinemas and DVD has been around 45-55 percent of the Icelandic market for years. SAMfilm distributes films from Warner Bros and Walt Disney and shares the distribution for Universal, Paramount, Dreamworks and various independent studios such as Summit Entertainment, Mandate and many more. SAMfilm and SAMcinema are also known to sponsor/produce local projects e.g. movies.

+354 575 8900



Established in 1980, Scanbox Entertainment is one of the leading independent film distributors in Scandinavia, releasing approximately 30 theatrical titles annually, and a total of 40+ titles direct-to-DVD and VOD. The company’s line-up covers all genres, but primarily focusing on upmarket content and local productions. Scanbox has recently entered an exclusive output deal with Amazon Studios on the Scandinavian market, including titles both acquired and produced by Amazon, solidifying its placement on the Scandinavian market.

+45 7022 6202



Selmer Media is a film distribution company that distributes feature films to the Nordic market. The company invests in movie rights, and releases films theatrically and via TV and VOD in collaboration with various partners in the Nordic countries. Selmer Media holds the right to a wide range of films, from art-house dramas to broad entertainment. Our foundation is our passion for film and love of cinema, combined with a clear focus on running a profitable and internationally competitive company in a rapidly changing media landscape.

The Queen’s Corgi (2019)

Mary and The Witch’s Flower (2017)

Michelle Birtwistle Nilsen, Acquisitions and Distribution Manager

+47 95 78 27 93



We’re the local distributor for the film studios 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures. We also participate in production of Icelandic films and work very closely with almost all of the Icelandic producers on distributing local films to the Icelandic public. Our biggest partners in local films are RVK Studios, Zik Zak Filmworks, The Icelandic Film Company, True North and many more.

SF Studios is the leading distributor of films and TV-series to the Nordic countries. We offer rights holders the most complete distribution network on the Nordic market, including cinemas in four countries, television and home entertainment platforms. Our expertise lies in finding, marketing and distributing popular and well-crafted film and television productions with great potential of success in the Nordic countries. While always broadening our horizons, our key strengths are local production, international films and Children’s content – an unmatched legacy and continuous success where SF Studios remains the strongest rights holder on the Nordic market.

Pelle Svanslös (2020)

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (2019)

Bamse and the City of Thieves (2014)

Yaba Holst, Head of Nordic Acquisition

+46 (0)8 409 188 00