Aalto University

Campus: Helsinki, Espoo, Pori

Offers both master’s and bachelor’s programmes in the arts. The school dates back to 1871 and is Finland’s most prestigious university of art, design, and architecture.


Campus: Hägersten

Animation and experimental film is a two-year study programme, during which students acquire the skills and experience needed to work with most animation techniques, from classical cartoons to computer-based animation and stop motion. In addition to good technical skills, the study programme focuses on teaching the tools required to work as a filmmaker, including script and storyboard writing. Animationsakademien uses professional software and has a wide network in the Swedish and international animation industry.

Campus i12

Campus: Jönköping

Offers undergraduate programmes in Visual Effects and Visualisation of Architecture. The VFX program focuses on effects for film and commercial and all teaching is done in English. The Visualisation of Architecture education is the only one of its kind in Sweden.

Hyper Island

Campus: Karlskrona and Stockholm

The Motion programs at Hyper Island go through the basics of animation all the way to the skills you needed to lead and direct innovative motion concepts.
The education is designed for immersive experience-based learning. No teachers, text-books, or tests. Learn how to understand ecosystems of stories, how to justify motion designs for clients, project manage work, and run a studio. Hyper Island has a collaborative and high-energy learning environment that mirrors a modern workplace.
With guidance from industry experts and talented peers from around the world, the motion students deliver real projects for real clients straight away.

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

Campus: Hamar

During the bachelor studies in Animation and Digital Art, the goal is to learn how to create the illusion of life and movement. Students are able to choose specializations either within animation and modelling or digital art in the 3rd semester. The course provides a comprehensive introduction into the mechanics and applications of modelling, animation and digital art. Students learn how to turn ideas into reality by creating motion and special effects for animated stories, movies, computer games and advertisements.


Campus: Stockholm

Konstfack is Stockholm’s major art school, and its course in animation is only open to professionals. The course focuses on analogue and digital 2D animation, stop motion, production planning, motion graphics, 3D animation, animation history, and dramaturgy. Only 16 students each year are chosen on the basis of a portfolio and application letter. The course is 50% part time.

Kristiania University College

Campus: Oslo and Bergen

Kristiania University College offers two years of upper secondary school training in the study programme of 3D and animation. This study programme will help the students develop both aesthetic skills and communication skills by learning about ideas, concepts and strategy in live images aimed at customers and commercial goals. At Westerdals, Kristiania University College’s Institute for Film and Media, students may achieve a bachelor’s degree in VFX.

Lulea Tekniska Universitet

Campus: Luleå

The university offers a bachelor’s degree of Digital Design with specialization in computer graphic arts. The programme educates students for roles in 3D, VFX, post production and the games industry. For students with an interest for set design, prop making and lighting design, LTU offers a degree programme in Film Design, where many of the students go on to work with animation and especially stop-motion.

Molkoms folkhögskola

Campus: Molkom, Karlstad

Animation at Molkom Folk High School is a one year foundation course in animation with a focus on modern and contemporary animation. We operate in the field of 2D, 3D and 2.5D and are mainly using digital tools. We have a partnership with Animation Production at Arts University Bournemouth.

National Film School of Denmark

Campus: Copenhagen

The National Film School of Denmark is an art school, which means that the teaching aims at developing and supporting each student’s unique talent. At the same time, it is important to the National Film School that students learn the craft of filmmaking to ensure their future employment in the professional film and media industry. The animation and games directing programme is a 4 and a half years course, where the students’ final project is a film produced to a professional standard and presented to the public on national TV.

Nord University

Campus: Steinkjer

In Nord University’s bachelor’s degree in 3D Art, Animation and VFX, the students will gain insights to both the technical and artistic aspects of the industry. Through traditional art and compositional theory, they gain the necessary knowledge to proceed with modern digital tools. As a student you will have access to industry standard facilities, including a 120m2 green screen studio, modern labs with updated software.

Noroff School of Technology and Digital Media

Campus: Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand

Noroff offers vocational school programmes in VFX, 3D Design and animation, and 3D Film Production, or a bachelor’s degree in Interactive Media – Animation. This programme will provide the students with a solid understanding of the animation industry. The main focus of the degree is to teach how to design, create and assemble characters for games, film and story-telling. The vocational courses will prepare the student to work professionally with VFX, 3D animation and 3D film production.

Reykjavík Academy of Digital Entertainment

Campus: Reykjavík

The two-year diploma studies at the Reykjavík Academy of Digital Entertainment RADE are aimed at students who are interested in 3D technology, special effects in movies, computer game and animation. These subjects are all taught at the Academy. Studies emphasize conceptual work, initiative and independence, graduating students should have vivid imaginations and be willing to try new methods and ideas.

Sörängens Folkhögskola

Campus: Sörängen

A one-year foundation course in classical animation with the focus on analogue techniques, artistic development and storytelling. Sörängen offers the possibility of a second year as well. All “folkehögskolar” are boarding schools.

Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

Campus: Stockholm

Offers a bachelor’s programme in filmmaking with specialization in animation and a two-year master´s program in animation. The university’s many specializations in film, media, theatre and acting make it possible for the animator to explore the numerous professional roles in collaborations and production exercises. The programme alternates between theory and practice and concentrates on artistic development, technology and cooperation. Courses include everything from puppet animation, 2D animation, digital 3D, scriptwriting and directing. The program in animation have close ties to animation production studios and artists working with animation.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Campus: Tampere

Offers degrees in Media and Arts, consisting of studies in game design and production, emerging media production (VR/AR/MR/XR), motion graphics design, production and content design, music production and music business, song writing, sound design, event production, cultural export, fine art photography, moving image, drawing and painting, animation, entrepreneurship and applied fine art. Students can build their own field of expertise by choosing or combining studies from the range of study options on offer.

The Animation Workshop

Campus: Viborg

The Animation Workshop / VIA University College offers a range of courses and programmes in animation both for students who want to achieve a bachelor’s degree, and for professionals looking for masterclasses or professional training courses. The objectives of the educational activities of the Animation Workshop is to provide facilities and resources for projects, talents and artists to grow, and to develop versatile artists with a strong foundation in storytelling and design.

Treider Fagskoler

Campus: Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim

The one-year vocational course teaches how to create 3D models and graphics for animated films, advertisements, computer games, visualization, visual effects in feature films, 3D printing and virtual reality. Students work with Autodesk Maya and Pixologic ZBrush software used by the professional industry worldwide, and will learn to plan, develop and produce different types of 3D products.

Truemax Copenhagen Academy

Campus: Copenhagen

In the three and a half years study programme of 3D digital artist, the student learns about the theoretic and practical aspects of film production, games and animation. Through a generalist approach, Truemax offers the students experience with most crafts within the world of 3D, through working on multiple 3D productions.

Tumba Gymnasium / Xenter Botkyrka

Campus: Stockholm

Tumba Gymnasium / Xenter Botkyrka is the only high school in the Stockholm region that offers an animation course. The course focuses on artistic inspiration and creativity. The students learn the basics of a variety of animation techniques and produce their own short film.

Turku University of Applied Sciences

Campus: Turku

Offers bachelor’s and master’s programmes in the field of film and media, taught in English. The university has a particular focus on animation, both educational and research wise. The multidisciplinary learning community focuses on visual arts, music, theatre, film, and media.

Volda University College

Campus: Volda

Volda’s bachelor’s and master’s degrees in animation gives students an introduction to a wide range of animation techniques, including 2D animation, stop motion, cut out and 3D computer animation. Volda University College is internationally renowned for its animation courses. The school is also known for the Animation Volda film festival hosted every autumn.